Renting: The “Business and Game” of orchestrating and securing your dream home -The Imperfect Org

Orchestrating and securing your dream home, is almost like a game.  The more “in the know” you are about the process, the better you will fair in achieving your objective.  Therefore, be smart, and use these following tips to help reduce the stress during your season of apartment hunting.


Step 1. Take inventory of your current resident and what you dislike about it.    

For example, if your current place of residence does not have a balcony, make sure your apartment search for your new place, includes a balcony. Various websites like “Trulia”, will allow you to list the specifics of what you would like your new place to encompass.  There are options such as “property types”, “unit amenities”, “commute time”, and even what the “landlord pays”. So, don’t waste time scrolling through websites, when you may be able to specifically list this information in your apartment search and locate exactly what you are looking for.


Step 2. Take the time to complete any “renter’s profile” sections.

Taking five minutes to tell potential landlord’s “what you are working with” can do wonders for increasing your likeability.  Sort of like on dating sites, these landlords are looking to enter a potential relationship (contract) with you, and there is a large pool of fish for them to choose from.  Therefore, complete the profile as concisely and efficiently as possible.  It can do wonders to boost you as a candidate.

Renter’s profiles generally ask you to submit information about your credit scores, income, your “ideal home”, and any reasons as to why you would like to relocate.  Be honest and thorough (remember they will soon find out later if you are lying). The moment I completed my profile, the faster landlord, and property managers responses began to flood in.  Prior to that, it was sort of like crickets.  So do yourself a favor, and share what you have to offer, in a profile.


Step 3. Begin your most extensive search within 30 days of your lease expiration date.

My early searches were about two to three months in advance.  As a result, I rarely found what I was looking for.  Searching earlier (which made total sense to me), did nothing but increase the boat load of stress I was already carrying.  During that time, only about two or three landlords were planning in advance.   Everyone else was quick to say, “Well, it is kind of early” and that more listings would materialize within 30 days of the expected move in date.  The ending result was securing a place within two weeks before it was time for us to move!  All that earlier time could have been spent on more enjoyable things, instead of stress.

Step 4. Follow your intuition.

Due to searching early, our credit was run twice before we settled on a place (on the third try). The problem was not our credit or our profile. Our senses told us that something just was not right.  Having had an arduous situation at the previous location I rented from because of an annoying neighbor, the last thing my husband and I wanted was more of the same.  After our gut feelings and alarms started blaring louder and louder, we decided against the first two places, although we were approved for them. So know for sure what you want, and don’t jump at the first places you see if your senses tell you otherwise.


Step 5. Be prepared to deal with those who do not keep their promise.

There were landlords and property managers who said just about anything to interest us as renters.  When we responded we were not interested, they buttered us up by stating, “Tell us what you are looking for, perhaps we can help you”.  Well after hearing that about three times, with no, follow through, it began to become more apparent that just like anything in life, you always have those people who are competitive and out for self.  So be smart, stick to your guns, and look out for you! If you do not, no one else will.


Step. 6 Remember, you don’t owe anyone a thing.  It’s okay to say that you are not interested.

Real estate is a competitive market, and just about everyone is looking out for their own best interest. Therefore, remember, this is not the time to be a people pleaser.  It’s time to practice assertiveness and say that you are not interested if you are truly not interested.  This can be done in a nice and professional way.  You can even do like I’ve done, and wish them “success in their future endeavors” (with renters). Why should you apply for and live somewhere you really don’t like to appease others? Please yourself!

I’m sure there are countless other tips that can make someone secure their dream home.  What tips would you like to share?


Author: theimperfectorg

“Joi Su”, has been diligently working to help bridge the gap between what people expect in any organization and what they receive. Joi Su has earned a Master’s degree in Organization Development and a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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