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The “Walt Disney Circle”

“How many of you out there have marvelous ideas, with some sort of idea how to accomplish them? With that said, are you afraid you could possibly be unrealistic about the idea or are not sure if you have captured all of the pitfalls up front that can go wrong?
One possible solution that I love to use when my anxiety ridden mind is racing off to the land of nowhere … is the “the Walt Disney Circle – Refining Personal and Corporate Goals” adapted by R. Dilts.
This particular change management tool can be used on an individual level or on a corporate level.
This concept developed by R. Dilts allows for an individual (or group) to use “Walt Disney’s” way of thinking by brainstorming creative ideas to determine how realistic they are, and if they will prove to be a sustainable concept.
In the dreamer stage, we are allowed to let our imaginations and thoughts run wild as we work to “dream” up colorful ideas that in a perfect world will last.  No thought is a wrong thought.  There are no stupid ideas. So yes, let your mind run rampant!
Next up for creating a sustainable place for the world of your dreams, is the realist stage. During the realist stage, those dreams that you have dreamt up without any inhibitions, are examined more carefully to determine just how realistic these dreams are.  This is gauged by how effectively the dream can be planned out in practical steps or stages.  In the realist stage, the objective is to determine, “how can it be done”.

Although in everyday life, the critic can annoy us or as some say “shatter our dreams”, in reality, they are a very integral part of the process.  Without the critic, we stay in the “world of make believe” and never successfully embark on living out our dream’s.

With that said, the critic’s role is to see what can go wrong in our plan or dream.  Yes, their critical thoughts are welcomed as they seek to discover all of the pitfalls in the plan and makes suggestions to better the plan or dream.
The goal of these stages is to ultimately move from the “dreamer” stage, to actually realizing your dreams.  This will only be done once the critic can state that you are good to go.
The helpful part of the process is you have the ability to go through these stages, over and over again until you accomplish your objective.
What’s your thoughts on this brainstorming process?  Have you ever used this tool to bring your idea, to a functional concept?
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Author: theimperfectorg

“Joi Su”, has been diligently working to help bridge the gap between what people expect in any organization and what they receive. Joi Su has earned a Master’s degree in Organization Development and a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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