The Office Introvert -The Imperfect Org

I came across this article and I would be totally lying if I said that this is not me.  As point number #7 points out, open office space can be a challenge to those who are introverted.

What’s your thoughts on how to navigate such uncomfortable situations (as an introvert)?  Should I make mention of this and spell it out to those around to make sure they know that I am an introvert?  Or should I just remain silent and try to refrain from revealing my true thoughts and nature of being an introvert? Hmmm ….

Here is the article just click on the click and enjoy:


Author: theimperfectorg

“Joi Su”, has been diligently working to help bridge the gap between what people expect in any organization and what they receive. Joi Su has earned a Master’s degree in Organization Development and a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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