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“Front Street Blast!” When management’s method of coaching is blasting the employee to everyone to prove a point.

When management decides to send an email blast to teams pointing out someone’s wrong doing, that is a quote on quote “coaching”, they should consider how employees morale is being affected.
I was once a part of a large organization that had several teams spread across three locations.
Because of high turnovers, they were constantly training and retraining employees. One manager that was promoted to an Associate Director position found it necessary to point out the mistakes of staff members.
  • The Associate director placed this information on how the process should be completed;
  • How it was actually completed; and
  • The individual’s accounts and employees names who made the mistakes.
In case you have not guessed it yet, I was one of the employees.
It was an honest mistake that I had caught myself, and my notes reflected this on the account, however, this Associate Director thought it expedited to make an example of me and my mistake.  Therefore I had mixed feelings.
I breathed and made sure not to respond to the email right away.  In fact, I walked away inhaled and exhaled and returned 15 minutes later.
Once I was more in control, I sent an email apologizing for my mistake.  But I had to make it known my mistake was actually caught.  I copied all necessary parties.
  • So was that email from management even necessary?
  • How could this Associate Director have pointed out the mistake without causing me to experience an emotional response?
  • Is it possible blasting employees are partial to do with the high turnover rate?
In my opinion, this “Blast” with employees was not necessary. No one is perfect and there is always a right and wrong way of doing things.  But somehow and somewhere we have forgotten that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated.  It’s a garner of respect.
And unfortunately, since management saw this as an ample way of “coaching” employees, it has also contributed to the high turnover rates.
What should have been done differently? Should I have not responded and kept my comments to myself? Was the Associate Director correct, was the blast necessary to ensure that we along with others do not make the same mistake in the future?

Author: theimperfectorg

“Joi Su”, has been diligently working to help bridge the gap between what people expect in any organization and what they receive. Joi Su has earned a Master’s degree in Organization Development and a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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