“Positive Psychology” – Reinventing the wheel in your current place of employment.

Clear communication in large organizations is not easy to obtain, but it’s not a lost cause.

Many have felt it at one point and time or another, the disdain for the hierarchy or corporate ladder. To be seen or heard you must climb, obtain a notable title and then bam! You now have the mic.

But what if climbing the corporate ladder does not intrigue you? Or perhaps at one time, it did interest you, but after competing along with many others for that one glorious position, you decided your current position is “really not all that bad.” You may have even questioned, do I need that “upper management” pressure, anxiety, and stress?  Are the label and pay worth it?

Trends indicate that many employees leave an organization much faster than they did in the prior generations. Disgruntled, impatient, position oriented, or just looking for something new, many either change positions within their current organization or leave them all together.  Although that may be the “key to happiness” for some, it is not always a good idea for others.

If you can’t just leave your current position or role for whatever reason perhaps using Positive Psychology and staying right where you are may be a viable solution.

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play”.

There are many ways to cash in on the benefits of your current employment, here are a few tips how:

Bring your education to the current workplace

We live in the day and age of education.  Just about anyone can obtain a degree at any time or any place.  It is almost that simple.  Therefore why not take that degree and put it fast to work, you may be pleasantly surprised. A creative art degree can be utilized in the workplace as well. I have witnessed individuals turn our work environment from dull gray cubicles to representing just about every season and holiday possible.  Something as simple as adding color to the workplace can do wonders with lightening the mood and spirits of staff members.  Therefore do not say, you cannot use that “basket weaving degree,” with a little creativity, you most certainly can!

Expert in your field

Being an expert in your area or field appeals to most people’s pride.  It is one of the main reasons they seek to move up in organizations.  But what about using that expertise and staying right where you are? Understandably enough, some move up for greater pay, but if moving up or pay is not an option, and you cannot leave your current role, why not use that time to become the most valuable and knowledgeable member of your team?  It never hurts to be that “one,” that everyone can go to for consistent, efficient, and accurate practices and information.

Paid Time off (PTO)

Are you a parent that has young children?  Are you single but love to travel?  Do you have an ailing spouse or parent, and thus your time off is valuable?  Well if so, please consider that remaining in your current position may be your best bet at having the necessary time off to achieve whatever your objectives may be.  Leaving your current role may also mean leaving all that time off you have accrued as a result of being with your current company for a length of time, so please think twice before leaving.  You may be gaining more pay, but fewer days off.  The extra time off (even for mental days) may be your best gamble.


Nowadays it is almost impossible to drown out all of the talks that have centered on the “Affordable Care Act.”  There are many in government who would love to replace it.  No matter where you stand on this argument, if you have been employed for some time now, chances are, you have healthcare sponsored by your employer.  Taking off for that self-employment dream may leave you with an inability to manage medically.

Are you on medications that you cannot afford to pay out of pocket?  Are your children or spouse on your insurance and need healthcare benefits as a matter of preventive care?  Please stop to consider that leaving your current employer before transitioning into a new role may leave you out there with nothing.  For many individuals, especially in life or death situations, this is simply not an option.

Yes, you currently have a job!

Excuse my sarcasm (if there is any to my tone), but yes, you have a job.  Many people wish they had a job or they may be picketing for better pay, better insurance, and better hours.  Well if yours is not all that bad, you may just want to stick around a little longer.  Leaving your current job prematurely may result in you being out of work and someone else valuing the benefits you did not realize or comprehend that you had.  Therefore before signing off for what you don’t know, you may want to stick around for that in which you do.


Those who have been at a place of employment for a significant amount of time has a retirement fund or benefits.  Yes, those funds can be transferred to another company. However, it is possible that if your next employer is offering a retirement plan such as a 401K, they may not match as much as your current employer.  Therefore yet again, you could be out of more money because you will have to contribute more money from your paycheck that your current employer matches.  The difference between 2 and 4% adds up, especially if it’s being deducted from your paycheck. Does that defeat the purpose of leaving for you?  Well, it is possible that it can work in the long run.

If all of this sounds like garbage to you, think again.

Focused Meditation can center your thoughts and mind. Something as simple as focused meditation can calm you enough to see the brighter side of things and help you endure a little longer until it is feasible for you to make your move.  So breathe, meditate or whatever else you have to do.  You may find that the situation that you think is bad is not all that bad, once you relax and opt to find the benefits of your current job.

Question to consider:

How can you benefit by using the practice of positive psychology and remaining at your current place of employment?


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Author: theimperfectorg

“Joi Su”, has been diligently working to help bridge the gap between what people expect in any organization and what they receive. Joi Su has earned a Master’s degree in Organization Development and a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

One thought on ““Positive Psychology” – Reinventing the wheel in your current place of employment.”

  1. This is where I am in my career development. I’m practicing being happy where I am until I’m in a position to make moves. There is a stark difference between that and complacency.


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