Happy Yom Kippur! -The Imperfect Org!

To increase one’s individual and organizational understanding of different cultures we have in this blog posted a link to information regarding Yom Kippur. This is an important holiday in the Jewish religion and to employees in your organization of the Jewish faith may have observations and cultural mores that will need attending to!

Therefore to not only recognize these employees of the Jewish faith which in turn increases Organizational morale but also the knowledge of the other stakeholders in the organization to the practices of the coworkers. Not only for HR reasons, but also to make sure the individuals feel a part of the organization’s community at large.

Please check out this information on history.com about Yom Kippur!



Happy Labor day from The Imperfect Org!

Happy Labor day everyone!  Today we celebrate the worker by… getting the day off!!  I hope everyone enjoys this time (if you are off today) with family and/or friends or maybe just hanging out by yourself!

In Organizational Development this would be the time for that transition time from the 3rd to 4th quarter sprint in which we would be analyzing data from special projects and tallying it for corporate consumption in order to gain approval for those projects in the following year.

As we stated before on the Fourth of July:

“Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to come back and face all the issues that challenge us and our organization.”

Today is the day of the worker, the employee, and an established way to show appreciation to all the contributions given by workers on a daily basis. Something that is still forgotten by many organizations presently, however, we are lucky in The United States that the government was pushed to recognize the employee and create this holiday. Maybe from an Organization Development perspective, we can push organizations that we assist, maybe, to create a “Labor day” of their own, and take a day outside the regular calendar and organizational schedule  to show their employees how much they are appreciated. Good idea?

Well, anyway from everyone at The Imperfect organization… Happy Labor day!

If you want to know more about the true meaning of Labor day where is a site (from the Department of Labor/US government) that explains it more:

Happy Fourth of July from The Imperfect Org!

Just a really quick Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  Hopefully, this is a day off for you, a time to regroup from the toils of your organization and the organizational development process as it is for me!

Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to come back and face all the issues that challenge us and our organization.

So please enjoy today, the 4th of July that so many men and women gave (and are still giving) their lives for this country! That we may have the chance, the freedom to appreciate time with loved ones or even the opportunity to regroup, today by ourselves.

So from everyone here Happy 4th of July!

“Lead your staff to a new organizational culture!” -The Imperfect Org

In this article “Lead your staff to a new organizational culture!” by Marcella Bremer talks about managers acting as leaders in an organizational culture, and turning into transitioning into three different roles as a manager:

  1. Mentor
  2. Facilitator
  3. People-oriented leaders

The article lists various strategies for the manager to follow to become the type of leader that an organization’s employees need. The article also briefly discusses the use of the Clan Culture concept and focus upon the employees by the manager.

How to manage conflict, bridge performance gaps effectively and engaging employees are significant challenges that managers face but creating culture change is even more of a challenge. This article will give the reader, the manager, a starting point to begin this arduous and tasking process.

For more information regarding this topic just click on the link:


“Organizational Development Images and Logos” -the Imperfect Org

I am taking the advice of one of my followers on here who stated that since my blog is brand it should have its own catchphrase or several, something that hooks people in, otherwise it sounds too boring or too clinical.

Honestly, you can look up any school blog site on Industrial Organizational psychology or Organizational Development (O/D) to see clinical opinions or even various business online publications to see the humdrum data and analysis of techniques, procedures, etc. regarding O/D but that is really what I am trying to avoid. So therefore, I am experimenting with logos and PowerPoint, basically making my own logos, and images so that I can liven up my blog a little more.

Please note that these are just the first steps to creating logos, and images for the site, or what I like to call “baby steps” so your feedback is encouraged.

I plan to make the images to the size of desktop wallpaper 1200 x 720 for my own needs and marketing, but I hope to be producing some quality stuff on here. So if there is anything that looks generic or out of space, comment on it in the blog after you read the posting so I can step up the blog’s overall feel for you, my readers.

Organizational Development is all about putting out a product and getting the feedback from the audience it is intended for, and making changes to that products to better suit the needs and desires of the client. In other words, I am by making the logos, etc., I am testing the waters and theories of O/D as best as I can and for all to see.

“Don’t Fall into the Capability Trap: Does your organization work harder or smarter?” -The Imperfect Org

We have reposted this upon our Google plus page recently, however the article “Don’t Fall into the Capability Trap: Does your organization work harder or smarter?” makes one think about the current state of their organization.

As one comment states: “I have been in multiple organizations that have worked harder, instead of working smarter and adjusting or even creating ways to shrink performance gaps within the organization. The organizations I have been a part of would rather layoff first, and then divide (if possible) those tasks left by departing individuals to anyone that is left, in a supervisory role. Most of the time, the supervisors are ill-equipped or ill trained to complete these tasks and then the tasks are given to an outside third party. Once that fails the organization tries to hire additional staff to bring those tasks back to individuals from outside the organization who although are well trained are now being paid less than those who were previously laid off. The refusal of these organizations to work smarter and in turn, do the exact opposite of the five principles listed in the article, is evident and not lost on employees, even to those who do not have a background in Organization Development. This lack of investment creates its a cycle of high employee turnover among the new staff because these new well-trained individuals realize that there are better opportunities elsewhere.”

When developing employees an organization must be careful to not “burnout” or overuse the highly productive employees while trying to balance organizational expectations for a team or department. As the article states the organization must invest in downtimes in all their employees so that employees are not forced to “work harder but smarter”, if this happens you have a probability of a high turnover rate occurring. Of course, no one wants that, but organizations are more likely or prone to implement this type action or process than the strategies listed in this article.

Of course, no one wants that, but organizations are more likely or prone to implement this type action or process than the strategies listed in this article. Although understanding how organizations realistically approach such issues we can use the strategies in the article, to circumvent and come up with effective solutions to these type of problems.

Why Learning & Development is connected to Organizational Development (YouTube video) -The ImperfectOrg

This is a link for a Youtube.com video by David Smith that explains how and why Learning and Development is linked to Organizational Development. The video is moderate in length 12 minutes long but it details the many things that are common in Organizational Development and how it can be integrated into training (Learning And Development).

This author has combined a various group of graphs and diagrams that assist in presenting his view why different models and systems can assist core competencies in an organization.

Here is the video called : “Learning & Development = Organizational Development” please click the link here:

Happy viewing and learning from the Imperfect Org!