Focusing through a Storm – The Imperfect Org

How do you condition your mind to stay focused in a situation when you no longer feel connected, nor can see the light of day?

It is very difficult to keep to a plan and tasks at hand when our intellect tells us, “this is a warning sign”, or “get out, there’s danger”! Being a free spirit, (that remarkable Sagittarius part that has kidnapped my soul) speaks to me loudly, and does not agree kindly to my attempts at remaining stable.

But I have come to realize in my years on this planet that sometimes it is not about jumping ship, but staying on that ship and guiding it to shore.  “Staying the course” as some would say…

I often ask myself, “What is the art to suffering” so one does not lose their soul, yet survives long enough in the game to achieve that dream?  Of course, bailing too early can result in starting all over again, just to barely regain the ground that was lost.  But for those who are successful at masking their feelings and emotions in order to gain control over a situation long enough to become victorious is ideal, and intelligent in concept, but even more difficult to achieve.

I guess that’s why people say “that which does not kill you will make you stronger”.  Well, I sure as hell hope so because I tire of jumping ship only to start over to learn that the new situation is just as crummy as the old.

Like that 80/20 rule that people refer to in relationships, that says that we break up with people because we do not like or agree with 20% of them, just to start over looking for a new relationship to learning that person may embody the 20% the ex-did not have, but lacks 20% in another area. In other words, there is no way around it, sometimes the only solution is to stick with it, and deal with the hand that has been dealt.

So how does one condition themselves or prepare to deal with the bull that life serves us? Do you tape up vision boards or inspirational quotes around your home? I have created vision boards and placed inspirational quotes around my desk, so I am not opposed to such solutions.

Do you bury your nose in a bible or memorize passages of scriptures that deals with tragedy and loss? I’ve done this as well.

Or do you speak aloud to yourself in troublesome situations telling yourself that “trouble don’t last always”? This sort of self-talk has kept me from sliding into depression.

All of the above has worked for me in the past, so I will not say they will not work to conditions one’s mind. But I cannot help but think that there may be even more viable and tangible solutions that I have failed to realize.

If you have found a golden ticket or found some magical solution, please share with the rest of us here in the comments section.  Some of us are hanging on by a thread, some of us are running around in circles, etc., we all could use a hint of guidance to get us through the storm.