“E-learning tools for effective communication and grammar”

Hello, I am a contributor to the ImperfectOrg, from the blog “Organizational Clarity” where we share tips, opinions, and where to find free tools to make the practitioner or student of organizational development lives easier.

One place we like to go for free tools is from the CommLab India community which is dedicated to increasing a professional’s knowledge of E-Learning, giving out free tips and free resources on how to implement E-Learning in the workplace or how to easily find cheap solutions to organizational needs.

I usually receive a link to various articles and tools (free downloads) that help make my life easier and can elevate any presentation or assignment. This week I saw an article called: “Grammar Check for Effective E-Learning” by Sushmitha Kolagani.

This is article is a great point by point checklist about grammar checking your E learning presentation to ensure the credibility of the program. This article is free to the public and is great for the Instructional design specialist.

Some of the points this article briefly discusses are:

  • Overlooking Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Excessive Use of Passive Voice
  • Verbosity
  • Unnecessary Usage of Articles
  • Usage of Complex Words and Lengthy Sentences

These are some great tips if you are using Microsoft grammar check, but you cannot spend the money on a program like Grammarly. If you can afford the program and are having the issues with Grammar that is discussed in this article I would recommend going ahead and spending the money on Grammarly.

Just click on the link here to learn more: http://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/grammar-check-for-elearning