The Reason behind the Imperfect Org (blog)

“Whatever you decide to do in life baby girl, be the best at it”.  Words of wisdom from a 40 something-year-old father to his 20-year-old daughter as he dropped her off at a “less than perfect” job.

Through the years my anxiety has caused me to fight for perfection in every situation.  These flaws and mistakes sent me on a path of perfection, and several degrees in psychology and Organization Development later led me to realize that it would never be found on this side of heaven.  The best thing I could do was find an “established measure” for this perfection, and strive to be that.  That’s right, an established measure.  This measure, pretty much like a scale would come as close to what is “right” than being more of what is “wrong” in this world.

Thus, you have “the Imperfect Org”.  Though they are “imperfect” they will come as close to perfection as possible.  So my efforts are to help others sort out the imperfections in their lives or organizations that can become more “perfect” of an imperfection.